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Symantec Ghost 

RBM Packages

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Project Plan

Frequently asked questions

  • Who is responsible for the BOM Files
  • Who manages the CRS Server
  • What is the CRS Server?
    CRS is a content storage server and is responsible for the automatically content installation.
  • What is a BOM File?
    It is the list of the current available RBM-packages and it is dedicated for each configuration type.
    All retailer have their own BOM File with individual packages. 
  • Who is responsible for what?
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Our Team

Here is a list of each individual's responsibilities

RBM specialists 

Gordon Murrell, Ramazan Terzi, Leigh Duggan            

CRS Server support

Todd Stachowski

BOM Files 

Todd Stachowski

Software Specialists EMEA

Serkan Celik, Arthur Saboundjian 

Software Imaging

Serkan Celik, Jean Francois Seynave 

QA Testing team

Franc Kocnic, James Casha, Jose Iglesias

Project Management EMEA

Paul Shepherd, Gordon Murrell, Rüdiger Ritter

Project Management WW

Kathy Hodge, Tom Pinkham

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